Meet the TCG Team of Captioners – Jennie Mauch

You’ve met members of our office staff on our site, and now, we want to introduce you to our fine team of captioners.  Please enjoy our brand-new monthly series! We take a closer look at our TCG captioners, their favourite on-air moments, and what it is about this unique career that they love so much. […]

The Ayes and Nays of Government Captioning

Captioning Prep Work

Some days you have the focus and flow for long speeches, and other days it’s a strenuous mental and physical workout. I sometimes dream of commercial breaks when captioning the Legislature!

7 Things Your Instructor Wants You to Know About Realtime Writing!

7 Things Your Instructor Wants You to Know About Realtime Writing!

At first, realtime stenography can seem quite daunting.  It is the work of excellent instructors and programs that get students on the path to achieving their goals and becoming successful in the field of realtime captioning.  Here are seven tips from an instructor, and TCG captioner, on getting started on your journey to learning realtime!

Meet the TCG Team – Tamra Stretch

meet the TCG team - Tamra

Who are the faces behind the closed captioning administration team at TCG?  Where do the emails come from, who helps manage a 24/7 realtime show schedule, and how did they come to join the vibrant team at The Captioning Group?  Our Meet the TCG Team series showcase the members of our team who make the closed captioning of […]

The Power of the Written Word

The Power of the Written Word

The written word has a power that sometimes can only be realized by someone who most needs it.  A TCG captioner shares her story of how her ability to provide the written word for one student dramatically impacted and affected her life and ability to learn and to better understand the world around her.

What Does a Closed Captioner Do?

I’ve been a captioner for close to a year now. When I meet people, and they ask me what I do for a living, trying to explain my job to them can be really hard, people just don’t get it.