CART & Online Captioning

Online Captioning

Accessible Events

Adding captions to online events has many benefits beyond accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Captioning creates a full and inclusive event experience!

We caption online events coupled with a variety of mediums—Zoom, Vimeo, Webex, YouTube, and more!  If you have an online or hybrid event or meeting, our team can get captioning services streamed to remote and in-person attendees.  Our team will work with you to find a solution specific to your needs. 

Reliable and Accurate

Human-Only Writers

At TCG, we never use automatic speech recognition or AI tech to produce captions.  Realtime captions created by a human captioner provide a more reliable, comprehensive, readable, and accurate representation of the spoken content. 

What benefit does this give you and your viewers?


Equal Access

Closed captioning serves multiple audiences.  Whether viewers tune in from a noisy environment, want or need to keep the volume low, or simply learn and process information better through visual versus audio, quality captioning increases accessibility for all.


Increased Readability

AI tech aims for verbatim.  This isn’t enough for viewers that rely on captioning.  Verbatim can lack tone and context that leads to a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the words.  Human captioners are always better than verbatim! 




Human captioners are able to make judgments about what information is most important to include, are not confused by background noises or multiple speakers, and can adjust the captions as needed to keep up with the speaker.  They pick up on nuances and variations in speech, such as accents and idioms, which is difficult for AI tech to understand.

Online Events

Why Captioning?

Add Captioning to Your Online Events

Having access to a live, human captioner to provide captioning in realtime to an online event doesn’t need to be intimidating.  As a boutique company, our administrative and captioning teams will guide you through the process before, during, and after any event.

TCG is proud to offer some of the highest quality realtime captioning available today!