The Captioning Group Inc.,
North America’s premiere realtime closed-captioning company,
with over 500,000 hours’ experience in both Canada and the U.S. since 1991.


Covering a variety of live broadcast events,
including local, national and international coverage,
call-in and special-interest programming, governmental proceedings, and all types of sportscasts,
sporting events, including FIFA and Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 1996.

Steno Machine - The Captioning Group Inc

Under the direction of current President, Tamra Stretch, The Captioning Group has come to be recognized as an industry leader, providing captioning services for live broadcast television since 1991. From major news networks to specialty stations to government proceedings and more, TCG offers unparalleled abilities with respect to a broad range of captioning services.


During the mid 80s, Tamra managed a large court reporting firm that was one of the first such companies to provide realtime reporting services. The company’s pursuit of realtime business led to the evolution of captioning as they continued to revolutionize the industry. Since then, Tamra has overseen the production of hundreds of thousands of realtime captioning hours.


Since its inception, the company has maintained a reputation for quality, reliability, and accountability as our cornerstone ideals, as we motivate our team to produce the highest standard of live captioning in North America. We are able to demonstrate consistently better results in terms of accuracy ratings and overall client satisfaction than other and similar service providers. TCG has received various awards including recognition by The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association for quality of service.


Incorporating research that is a product of focus group studies and various captioning surveys, TCG has refined its knowledge and, in turn, the delivery of services to clients. By adapting new technologies, continuous process improvement, and the ongoing development of staff, the company continues to evolve and clients continue to experience direct benefit.  TCG employs some of the most experienced and highly skilled live-captioning professionals in North America. Prospective new captioners are subjected to a careful and thorough screening and selection process, such as to protect the interests of our clients, as well as TCG’s own reputation for quality, accuracy, and professionalism. Captioners receive ongoing feedback relative to their own performance, as well as client satisfaction, and are encouraged to upgrade and add to their skills through participation in training opportunities as they arise.


Captioners may be assigned to projects based on their skill sets, their previous experience and personal knowledge of local issues and similar content. As well, TCG provides a backup to the assigned captioner as part of a contingency planning discipline. Should the main captioner experience technical difficulties, the backup captioner is online within minutes.


All in all, The Captioning Group is proud of the service we provide to our clients and our captioners, from getting a new station online to providing the highest quality of realtime captioning available today! Contact us today and see the difference with The Captioning Group!