The Captioning Group Inc. Announces the Addition of Offline and Post-Production Captioning Services

Realtime Captioning Company Proud to Be Expanding Into the Offline Captioning Realm
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(Calgary, AB) The Captioning Group Inc., a realtime closed-captioning company for North America headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, has announced they are expanding their captioning services to include offline and post-production captioning.

Tamra Stretch, President of The Captioning Group said, “We have a growing team of captioners dedicated to this service and are pleased to offer our realtime clients the choice of offline services as well.”

Offline captioning is created when a script is synched to its corresponding pre-recorded video file via time codes assigned by the offline captioner.  First, the offline captioner diligently takes the provided video file and creates a verbatim transcript.  The offline captioner will do the research required to ensure that the content is well-represented and accurate.  Before the script gets to the timecoding phase, it is thoroughly reviewed for any errors or inconsistencies by multiple sets of eyes to ensure accuracy.  Finally, it is timecoded and scanned one final time to ensure complete accuracy.  Captioning style can be adjusted individually to suit specific station or client requests while adhering to CRTC and FCC standards.

The Captioning Group uses the highest-quality software to provide the end product necessary for a wide variety of outputs, from web-based to broadcast.  The time-coded file is compatible with common video players and can be exported into several different caption formats to meet a company’s needs.  The Captioning Group is focused on exceeding the highest expectations of quality and service.  The Captioning Group takes pride in attaining 100% verbatim accuracy on all offline files and look forward to adding this service as an addition to their expansive realtime repertoire.

About The Captioning Group Inc.: North America’s premiere realtime closed-captioning company, with over 600,000 hours’ experience in both Canada and the U.S. since 1991. The Captioning Group has come to be recognized as an industry leader, providing captioning services for everything from live broadcast television on major news networks to specialty stations, government proceedings and more.  The Captioning Group offers unparalleled abilities with respect to a broad range of captioning services.