Offline and Post-Production Captioning

Nowadays, more and more video content is available online for instantaneous streaming.  As the consumer interest in online video grows, so does the need for captioning of a massive amount of content.

TCG specializes in providing a full suite of captioning services for broadcasters and is pleased to now include post-production captioning as a part of this offering.  We put the same quality and dedication into our offline services as we do our realtime, so you can trust that the end product is one your viewers deserve.

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What is offline captioning?

Offline–or post-production–captioning is created when a script is synched to its corresponding pre-recorded video file via time codes assigned by the offline captioner.  First, the offline captioner diligently takes the provided video file and creates a verbatim transcript.  The offline captioner will do the research required to ensure that the content is well-represented and accurate.  Before the script gets to the timecoding phase, it is thoroughly reviewed for any errors or inconsistencies by multiple sets of eyes to ensure accuracy.  Finally, it is timecoded and scanned one final time to ensure complete accuracy.  The end result will be accurate in content, timing, description, and readability to the viewer.  Captioning style can be adjusted individually to suit specific station or client requests while adhering to CRTC and FCC standards.


Why Choose TCG?

  • Trained captioners with years of industry experience
  • Varied pricing options designed to meet your unique needs
  • Flexible turnaround times–we work with our clients to ensure their specific deadlines are always met
  • Knowledgeable, responsive administrative staff
  • 24-hour support team


Types of Captioning

Captioning style can be adjusted individually to suit specific station or budgetary requests while adhering to CRTC and FCC standards.

  • Pop-On
    Captions can be placed in a stationary location or can be placed around the screen to appear in conjunction with speakers, off-screen sounds, or effects.  Captions will “pop” onto the screen and are synchronized to the programming.
  • Roll-Up
    Captions will “roll” onto the screen, similar to the style of realtime captioning.  Captions will be synchronized to the program, and Speaker IDs and other formatting are used to denote different speakers and sounds.


File Formats

TCG uses a modern and advanced offline-captioning software that can convert files to formats including:

  • SCC
  • CAP
  • SRT
  • XML
  • MOV
  • Most other standard formats… just ask!



TCG’s captioned files are compatible with the most commonly used video players such as:

  • YouTube
  • QuickTime
  • Vimeo
  • Silverlight
  • Flash
  • Windows Media Player
  • and more…


Please contact us for further details on offline closed captioning and how TCG can make it work for you.