New and emerging internet technologies are continuing to open further markets by expanding audiences. Web captioning makes streaming internet media accessible to the hard of hearing community, as well as to individuals in noise-sensitive environments such as gyms, airports, bars and pubs, schools, libraries, and businesses.  Currently, it is used extensively by the financial sector to produce transcripts of the presentation of their annual reports and market calls.

There are many benefits associated with web-based captioning from The Captioning Group:

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The use of web captioning is growing at an enormous rate. New regulations are constantly being adapted to fit the ever-changing landscape of the internet and how we consume video content daily. These new regulations require internet media to be captioned, and coupled with the compatibility of current content-streaming media software and the availability of affordable captioning services, this technology and service is relatively easy to input.

See how web captioning can make a difference for your company and your online services.

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