Who are the faces behind the closed captioning administration team at TCG?  Where do the emails come from, who helps manage a 24/7 realtime show schedule, and how did they come to join the vibrant team at The Captioning Group?  Our Meet the TCG Team series showcase the members of our team who make the closed captioning of hundreds of thousands of realtime hours possible.  Discover more about the person behind the email signature!

Meet the TCG Team – Tamra Stretch

Meet the TCG Team - Tamra Stretch

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Discover 11 things about Tamra you never knew:

Tamra at NAITTamra at NAIT Graduation Ceremony
TCG at the CBC StudiosTamra on a visit to the CBC studios
Meet the TCG Team - Tamra's catsArchie (bottom) and Figaro (top) cuddling
Meet the TCG Team - TamraTamra kayaking in Puerto Vallarta
Meet the TCG Team - TamraTamra’s Lamborghini at a “Race the Base” event in Cold Lake, AB

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