Web Captioning

New and emerging internet technologies are continuing to open further markets by expanding their audiences. Web captioning makes streaming internet media accessible, whether you require captioning for IP calls, Zoom meetings, webinars, or online conferences. 

Realtime captioning is an accessible solution that adds value to your remote event:

  • attendees won’t miss a word if they are tuning in from a noisy environment
  • assisting with volume control for those working at home with family members
  • inclusivity for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities
  • script can be available post-event to adapt to articles, blog posts, and to distribute to attendees

The Captioning Group | Client Testimonial

Having access to a live, human captioner to provide captioning in realtime to an online event doesn’t need to be intimidating.  The Captioning Group has experienced writers that are comfortable with all kinds of online platforms.  We can help companies and individuals looking to add captioning to their meetings, conferences, and webinars with ease.  As a boutique company, our administrative and captioning teams will guide you through the process before, during, and after any event. 

See how web captioning can make a difference for your company and your online services.

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