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Are you using Zoom for your remote work but are unsure about adding closed captioning?  As companies and staff transition to at-home work environments, we want to be there to help you provide accessible captioning to any kind of remote event you are hosting.

Realtime captioning is an accessible solution that adds value to your remote event:

  • attendees won’t miss a word if they are tuning in from a noisy environment
  • assisting with volume control for those working at home with family members
  • inclusivity for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities
  • script can be available post-event to adapt to articles, blog posts, and to distribute to attendees

TCG is an industry leader in quality captioning services.  We can provide support and realtime captioning for a variety of events and help you get set up with accessible coverage for all your live events!


online realtime captioning services illustration

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