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TCG Family Recipes – Grandma’s Nut Coffee Cake


Recently I’ve come across this old recipe that came from my husband’s grandmother.  Much like my co-worker, in my grandmother’s kitchen, pies ruled!  In my husband’s grandmother’s kitchen, cakes take the cake!


I don’t think there is ever a time where I am invited over to their home where they have not had some sort of cake or sweet bread out on a tray for snacking.  We talk, laugh, and spend time together as a family.  This brings me such comfort. 


Recently, I’ve started planning a long camping trip. We will be in the middle of British Columbia this summer, and so I have been looking for easy and delicious recipes that I could prepare for my family in advance.  I came across this recipe a few months ago, handwritten by Grandma Gerry, and thought it would be a perfect addition to my preparation list.


Nut Coffee Cake - By GG


I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was to whip up this cake, though was very concerned originally when the batter did not completely cover the bottom of the cake pan.  That concern quickly vanished when I peered in my oven and saw how much the cake had risen.  Within about 35 minutes, I could smell the cinnamon in the topping, and the cake was ready.


The cake will never make it on our camping trip.  My husband walked toward the cake once it was fresh out of the oven, “Just a slice?”  If I say “yes” to him, surely I cannot deny the children! 


I enjoyed a piece of this cake the next evening with a cup of tea and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.  It took me back to Grandma Gerry’s living room, listening to her vast amounts of stories, and adoring her company.   



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