Each year in Las Vegas, individuals from all areas of broadcast come together to network, explore, and find new opportunities.  The show is about innovation, excellence in digital media, and education on growing and succeeding in the ever-advancing digital age. 

The 2019 NAB show had over 90,000 attendees, making it the world’s largest annual convention for media, entertainment and technology.

This wasn’t TCG’s first time in Las Vegas for a convention, as they had attended an NCRA convention in 2017.   This latest trip was certainly a memorable experience!

The Convention Hall

With over 1,000 exhibitors, the convention halls at Las Vegas Convention Center were an overwhelming experience.  Any first-time NAB show-goer probably experiences that same feeling as they take in the sheer size and scale of this show and what it has to offer for those in broadcast. 

For TCG, this meant chatting with other closed-captioning providers, discussing emerging innovations with suppliers, and learning new merits and benefits to different services.  We stumbled across new innovations and ideas just by walking through the massive convention halls.  It was entertaining to see the up-and-coming eSports phenomenon focused heavily at the convention hall, and the In-Vehicle Experience area was sleek and futuristic in its approach.  There were many excellent exhibitors showcasing services and products. 

From a captioning perspective, there was an influx of providers showcasing a varied array of captioning products.  From top-end realtime captioning to automatic speech recognition and everything in between.  A common thread on all fronts was the influx of need for captioned content, especially online, and the push to get it done quickly.  With more restrictions and regulations on how and when online content is captioned, it will be interesting to see where this trend shift takes the captioning industry.

Overall, the convention hall was an excellent learning experience and allowed us to take away new ideas for improvement and growth with our realtime and post-production captioning services in future.


Las Vegas is certainly one of the best cities in North America to host a convention with tens of thousands of attendees.  Restaurants, bars, clubs, and pools can all play host to after-parties and other events beyond the daytime convention activities.

Great Canadian Suite Photobooth

The Great Canadian Suite was the place to be for those coming to Vegas from north of the border.  The party at the Flamingo Pool was specifically designed for Canadian broadcasters to come together.  An event that regularly sells out, it’s the perfect place to meet with Canadian colleagues and make new connections.  Plus, food, drinks, and door prizes. 

TCG’s manager, Kendall, was surprised to walk away with one of the final door prizes of the night—a 3-day cruise!  It was an unexpected end to an enjoyable first evening at NAB.

One of the main convention hotels was The Cosmopolitan, a luxury hotel with a plethora of interesting bars and nightlife activities to wind down after a long day walking the floors of the convention hall.  Hotel bars like the two-level Chandelier bar offer a central meeting place, and the Vesper bar has a unique Bond-meets-Vegas vibe. 

The Cosmopolitan’s Marquee nightclub hosted the opening night afterparty with VIP entry for all NAB attendees. 

No matter what type of role you play in broadcast, the NAB Convention is a memorable experience with much to explore and discover.  You can go all-in with seminars and keynote speakers, or stick to spending your time walking each row of the exhibitors throughout the week.  NAB Will you be interested in attending NAB 2020? 

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