Who are the faces behind the closed captioning administration team at TCG?  Where do the emails come from, who helps manage a 24/7 realtime show schedule, and how did they come to join the vibrant team at The Captioning Group?  Our Meet the TCG Team series showcase the members of our team who make the closed captioning of hundreds of thousands of realtime hours possible.  Discover more about the person behind the email signature!

Connect with Sabrinna on LinkedIn

Connect with Sabrinna on LinkedIn

10 Quick Facts about Sabrinna

  • Born in Quebec, grew up in Ontario, and currently lives in Alberta – Sabrinna likes to consider herself an “all around Canadian gal.”
  • Fully fluent in both French and English. Sabrinna’s last name “Belanger,” the “Smith” of French names. Someone always knows a Belanger, and assume she knows them too!
  • Sabrinna is highly competitive and has played almost every sport. At the age of 17 while playing rugby, she broke her collarbone in three different places! As the nurse said in the hospital, “You’ll be fine, you just can’t be a collarbone model!” That didn’t stop her, and she went on to play rugby for two more years.
  • Runs a series of trail races each year. This summer will be the third year in a row of running the “5 Peaks – Central Alberta Races.”
  • Loves animals with a passion. She calls her house a zoo because she has 1 dog and 3 cats.
Hagrid, the border collie-lab mix as a puppy
Hagrid, the Border collie-lab mix, when he was being a bad puppy!
  • Is married with two beautiful boys, aged 10 and 5. Sabrinna married her high school crush – how sweet is that?
  • She loves anything that has to do with the great outdoors. Living so close to the Rocky Mountains is perfect, as she loves camping, running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and fishing – and these things are in “her backyard,” as she would say.
  • Art is one of her passions. She loves painting. Bob Ross is what inspired her to pick up a paintbrush.
Sabrinna's artwork
  • Need a scarf? She’s been crocheting since the age of 11 and can’t read a pattern to save her life, but can still create some cool work.
  • Graduated recently from SAIT’s School of Business and was hired on by The Captioning Group shortly after graduation.

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