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TCG Recipe of the Month: Summer Strawberry Feta Salad

Who wants to cook during the hot summer months?  This easy-to-prep summer salad can be made ahead of time for the workweek.

With strawberries, feta, walnuts, and chickpeas, this is far from your basic and boring salad.  This salad has protein, flavour, and nutrients to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  Best of all, you only need about 10-15 minutes to make these salads!  Store them in Tupperware containers in the fridge.  Then, when you are ready to eat, just add the dressing.  Adding the dressing right before you eat the salad keeps everything from getting soggy–because who wants a sad, wimpy salad?

Lunchtime Meal Prep Recipe: Summer Strawberry Feta SaladWhile I have never been one to think that a salad is enough to satisfy me and constitute a full meal, this one has me changing my mind.  It’s the chickpeas that add the protein, and with a few pepperoni sticks, this has been my go-to lunch for the past few weeks.

What gives this salad a unique touch is this amazing balsamic reduction.  I bought it on a whim in the store and intended to use it to add a bit more “pow” to my basic bocconcini salads.  Adding it to this strawberry feta salad has added a nice sweetness that complements the strawberries and pairs nicely with the bite from the feta.  This balsamic reduction is an excellent way to spice up your salad!

What do you think about having a salad as your main meal?   Have you used a balsamic reduction for anything before?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!







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