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TCG Recipe of the Month – Slow Cooker Apple Crisp

If you thought apple crisp was simple, just wait until you try it in a slow cooker!  Set it and forget it!


TCG Recipe of the Month - Easy Slow Cooker Apple CrispThe dream of every working mom, dad, or all-around busy individual is to make food you can simply leave alone, and when you come back, a hot meal is waiting for you. This exists! The slow cooker is a simple kitchen tool that should be a staple in every kitchen, thanks to its versatility.

Plus, slow cookers are essentially foolproof. If you don’t consider yourself a great cook, buy a slow cooker! Just throw everything into the pot, and leave it alone. It’s that simple.

This dish is a classic combination… apples, spices, and oats. It’s an impressive dish that mimics apple pie. You have probably eaten apple crisp before, but I bet it was at a restaurant! Now, you can make a big batch at home to have whenever you want.

Most ingredients for this recipe can be found in a staple pantry. It also has the option of versatility to add the “extras” of whatever you and your family prefer. For example, you can substitute walnuts for another nut, you can add raisins, cranberries, coconut flakes, whatever you desire! It is fun and easy to personalize this recipe.

This dish is very versatile. Whether you choose to add yogurt or ice cream can transform this from breakfast to dessert in a snap!



Recipe adapted from 12 Tomatoes 

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