Court Reporting and Captioning Week was held from February 11-18 this year.  The goal of the week is to celebrate the stenography professions and bring awareness and recognition to communities across North America.  This year, the event was an astounding success and toppled last year’s reach and turnout.

According to the Journal of Court Reporting, 17 states reported official proclamation of the week compared to 11 last year.  In addition, six court reporting schools held one or more events during the week.  These events have seen the interest for a career in stenography create a spark in young students.  Fox News also carried a story about the career of a court reporter and how it will be affected in the future by demand trends and emerging technologies.

With social media as relevant as it is, captioners and court reporters around the world could share their experiences online with the hashtag #CRCW17.  This promotion across the web sparked interest in the captioning community.  As ours is a “behind the scenes” profession, this week of celebrating our careers is the ideal chance to showcase the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful.  Plus, you can bring information to friends, family, and colleagues who may not know what exactly it is that you do each day!

In this LinkedIn article, Star Levandowski highlights three important aspects involved in the stenography profession.  What stands out in this article is her point on the delivery of service–every realtime television show has a captioner writing behind the scenes and keeping in time with speedy reporters.  Their service provides information for those who would otherwise be unable to enjoy a live program.

That article was shared around the web.  Many others like it were also shared and promoted by industry professionals, resulting in a very successful Court Reporting and Captioning Week.  Here are some highlights from around the Twitter community from captioners, court reporters, CART workers and professional associations.  Everyone was showing the love and passion for their careers during #CRCW17!


How about a quick steno lesson between jobs?

A shout-out to all our amazing TCG captioners!


Captioners across America were busy showing off at local events and showcasing the oft unseen profession.

Celebrating the past to embrace the future.

Why do you love your career?  These captioners and court reporters share why they love theirs.

There’s nothing like a sweet treat to celebrate the occasion!


What a year!  This industry is always expanding and growing.  When half of us work in our pajamas (looking at you, at-home captioners!), it is great to see the online community come together and create new relationships and connections.

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