Animals are a big part of our lives at TCG–Tamra grew up with animals all her life, and they have remained a part of her family ever since.  All in all, the family has three cats and three dogs.  Christmas is always a bit hectic with animals constantly running underfoot or stealing turkey from the table!  Her two cats, Archie and Figaro, specialize in the art of purring and cuddling!


Kendall, TCG’s Captioning Coordinator, also has two dogs—Jackson, the Bichon Yorkie, and Tyson, the Boston Cross, who also happens to be a senior rescue dog.


Many of the captioners at TCG also have animals as a part of their family, too.  These furry family members like to keep our captioners company while they work at home… or the mischief ones get locked out of the offices (cats + steno machines don’t mix :mrgreen: )!  It was this love of animals that inspired Tamra to give back to our local humane society this year.


The Captioning Group Gives Back - Christmas 2016

Office cats Archie (left) and Figaro (right) doing what they do best–lounging around and getting in our way!  These two kitty brothers were adopted last year.



The Calgary Humane Society has been helping animals in Alberta since 1922, and they are the leaders in Calgary when it comes to animal rescue, adoption, education, and training.  They are an amazing organization that truly cares for each and every animal that they cross paths with.  This December, CHS held a “Christmas Party for the Animals” where there were lowered adoption fees, games for kids, photos with Santa Paws, and more!


One of the events they held was a “Stuff-a-Pooch Pad” donation drive.  The goal was to stuff one of their pooch pads wall-to-wall (instead of cages, the Calgary Humane Society has lovely separate rooms for the big animals that come to stay with them)!


We arrived the day of the party about halfway through, and the pooch pad was already getting stuffed full of donations for the animals.  Our donations included items on their requested list such as veterinary-specific cat and dog food, toys, and towels.


The Captioning Group Gives Back - Christmas 2016

Add it to the pile!  Our donation basket gets added to the growing stack of donated items.



All in all, the “Christmas Party for the Animals” was a huge success!  Over 60 animals got adopted that afternoon.  We loved being able to add to that event by donating some items that the animals at the humane society are able to use and enjoy.


We hope this may inspire you to visit your local animal shelter or humane society and give these animals a second look and second chance–whether that be to volunteer, to donate, to foster, or to add a furry addition to your family!


Learn more about the Calgary Humane Society here.



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