Did You Know?  The Numbers of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be the most live-coverage Olympics ever held, with more ways than ever before to watch, stream, and share. As Rio de Janeiro is only one hour ahead of the Eastern time zone, North Americans will be more connected than ever, with events running throughout the day.  Many events are scheduled to run in the evening as well, meaning you won’t have to miss many of your favourite events during the workday.

But, do you know how big the Rio Olympics is?  In comparison to the Winter Olympics in any given year, the Summer Games are 5 times the size, just in terms of the sheer amount of athletes that participate.

If you want to imagine how a captioner prepares for such an enormous event, you can read Marcy’s Insights on captioning the Olympic Games.

If you think the coverage of the Games will lack in any way, you might want to think twice.  Our broadcast partner, CBC, has over 3,200 hours of coverage across their television stations and streaming services.

To give you a few more insights into the enormity of the upcoming Olympic Games, we’ve prepared a short infographic to showcase the numbers of Rio 2016:

Rio 2016 - Numbers of the Games


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