The Captioning Group Visits Toronto

This April, The Captioning Group had the opportunity to make the trip East and visit Toronto.  While we were there, we met with clients, explored the downtown core, and saw the amazing CBC studios.  We also enjoyed many of Toronto’s gastronomic delights!  Check out some of the highlights of our trip with the photos below.

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The Captioning Group - CBC

Heading into CBC!  Our informative guide toured us through almost every level of this mega-sized building.  Most important to our team, we saw MPC (Main Presentations Centre), the activity hub of CBC where the coordination for the captioning is managed.  Walking through the maze-like levels, our team also experienced the bustling newsroom, the top studio floor, and more.


The Captioning Group - Hockey Night in Canada

Standing in front of the massive Hockey Night in Canada wall.  This continued around the corner, where George Stroumboulopoulos was getting ready to film some promos for the NHL playoffs.
The Captioning Group - Rick Mercer

Larger-than-life Rick Mercer dominates the CBC atrium.



The Captioning Group - CBC Atrium

A special setup in the CBC atrium in place for the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Den.  Later that day, our CBC NewsNet captions were on full display!  A great experience for us to see our closed-captioned broadcast to the big screen for all to see.


TCG Visits Toronto | The Captioning Group


The inside of MPC (Main Presentations Centre).


The Captioning Group - Toronto 2016

During our few hours of downtime, we walked the streets in the Entertainment and Financial districts.  Though it was a windy day, it was great to get some fresh air and explore the many shops tucked away in all the buildings.


Our trip to Toronto provided us the opportunity to continually improve our client relations along with gaining insight into advancements in production and captioning.  The Captioning Group is excited to move forward and to utilize the knowledge we gained from our Toronto trip to expand upon our services.


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